AMD Radeon HD 7970 spotted at an online store

/ 6 years ago

Comcom, a Dutch e-tailer, has recently listed the upcoming Radeon HD 7970, an Asus product priced at €525.

While €525 is already high as it is, that’s the price without VAT, including it makes it €625, €75 more than the GTX 580 listed on the same site. This pricing contradicts the rumoured pricing of “just over 500 Euros.”

Other than the price, not much is revealed, all we know is that it’s an Asus HD 7970 with 3GB of GDDR5. Display outputs listed are three DVI, one HDMI and two miniDisplayPort, a configuration that will be only possible using the DVI and active miniDisplayPort adapters.

As for the delivery date, it’s listed as being “1 to 4 weeks”, which doesn’t mean anything as it’s still well in range of the possible release dates, both December 22th and January 9th.

One thing that we could seek comfort into is that listings prior to NDA expiry has always featured some very high price tags, which means the final price could be lower.

For the listed product, visit this page.


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