AMD RAMDisk now available for download

/ 5 years ago

A free trial of what AMD is calling Radeon RAMDisk is available for anyone to try out. With the free version, users can allocate up to 4GB of system memory into what Windows believes is usable storage. Those running Radeon-branded modules can increase the limit up to 6GB.

If that isn’t enough, there’s the option to purchase Radeon RAMDisk Xtreme for just $19. The full version allows users to create a RAM disk up to 64GB in size regardless of module brand.

The main reason to use a RAM disk is speed. Users can access it at maximum bandwidth at any time without fear of mechanical failure, fragmentation, overheating, noise or vibrations – concerns that are present with a traditional hard drive.

Just remember that RAMDisks are temporary storage, turn off your PC and anything stored on them is gone.

Source: AMD


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