AMD Release Gaming Evolved App – Direct Response To GeForce Experience

/ 4 years ago


As part of the vast array of announcements at the GPU 14 event in Hawaii, AMD revealed its direct answer to Nvidia’s GeForce Experience software – the AMD Gaming Evolved App, powered by Raptr.

The Gaming Evolved App allows you to automatically optimise your games for your hardware configuration with a simple click. The settings the Gaming Evolved App applies to your games are based on extensive data collected from the AMD Community. The Gaming Evolved App also incentivises game playing – yes you heard that right. You can earn/unlock rewards simply by playing the games you love – as long as you do it through the AMD Gaming Evolved App.

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The final part of the Gaming Evolved App is the ability for you to broadcast live videos via live streams like Twitch TV, take screenshots and share them to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter – all from within your game. If you’re interested in checking out and downloading AMD’s new Gaming Evolved App, powered by Raptr, then you can do so here.

Image courtesy of Raptr and AMD

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  • Sean Patrick DeMarco

    Ok it says as long as you are doing it through the AMD Gaming Evolved App you can do this and that and earn stuff but lets say you have a pc with an Nvidia card but you want to give this AMD software a go can you use it and can you earn rewards ? For the record btw we have Nvidia and AMD in our home.

    • I’m not sure. I am assuming its like GeForce Experience where if you don’t have the appropriate card the software is pretty useless. I don’t have an Nvidia system to test sadly.

    • Mike DeGeorge

      It will most likely only work with AMD video cards. Even the installation part.

  • Skidmarks

    I use GeForce Experience on my own gaming system and I must say, apart from the lack of support for a lot of popular older titles, it works pretty darn well and I don’t bemoan the fact that a lot of these older titles are not supported, it’s just not feasible I guess but If I wind up with an AMD card in the near future I’ll surely give this app a spin around the block.

  • Hassan Abdul Razzaq

    Can we download this APP now or is it not out yet??