AMD Reveal Full R9 285 Specifications And Performance: A GTX 760 Killer?

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AMD’s R9 285 was confirmed by AMD earlier today but now AMD have gone one step further and revealed detailed specifications as well as performance numbers. AMD’s R9 285 pretty much conforms to all the rumours we’ve heard so far: there’s 2GB of GDDR5, 1792 GCN cores, a 256 bit memory bus and a fairly modest TDP of 190W which is fed by a pair of 6 pins. The core clock will be up to 918MHz and the memory clock will be 5500MHz. Being a GCN based card there is also support for Mantle and DirectX 12.


How does the R9 285 perform? Well AMD claim up to 15% faster in Battlefield 4 at 1440p when comparing to the Nvidia GTX 760. They also revealed some 3DMark Fire Strike numbers where the R9 285 scored 25% higher than the GTX 760 in the Fire Strike test and 27% faster in the Fire Strike Extreme Test. Given that AMD’s R9 285 is expected to cost $249, the same as the MSRP of the GTX 760, things look set to get very interesting for graphics card buyers.

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AMD’s R9 285 goes on sale on September 2nd.


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2 Responses to “AMD Reveal Full R9 285 Specifications And Performance: A GTX 760 Killer?”
  1. lol1996 says:

    But Battlefield 4 was an AMD-optimized game, I think when the card is actually released we’ll find that they perform about the same.

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