AMD Revealed “EPYC” 32 Core 64 Thread CPUs for Datacenters

/ 10 months ago

AMD Revealed "EPYC" 32 Core 64 Thread CPUs for Datacenters

Datacenter CPUs? Yawn! I know they’re not the typical hardware any consumer gets too excited about. However, keep in mind that most new high-end hardware starts off in the industrial and professional markets before filtering down to and kind of consumer market. With that in mind, the next-gen AMD CPUs for data centre applications looks exceptional.

EPYC Processors based on AMD Naples Hardware

These monster CPUs, aptly named EPYC, feature a staggering 32 cores, and 64 threads. This is backed up with incredible amounts of I/O bandwidth and cache to deal with huge workloads. Replacing the older Opteron hardware, these Naples-based CPUs are certainly impressive. They use the same FinFET 14nm design of their current Ryzen processors, based on the Zen microarchitecture.

A New Era in the Datacenter Begins

AMD say these new CPUs offer 45% more cores, 122% more bandwidth and 60% more I/O bandwidth than their competitors. By competitors they obviously mean Intel. With a scalable design, 8-channels of memory per device, dual-socket support, 128 lanes of PCIe 3, AMD Infinity Fabric, and much more. The future of AMD-powered data centres is looking better than ever. Of course, if I can get one for my home Plex server, that would be pretty sweet too.

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