AMD revises Bulldozer transistor count down to 1.2 billion

/ 6 years ago

AMD has made an official press statement revising the transistor count on its Bulldozer processors. The whole reviewing community had been informed that the 8 core FX 8150 ‘Bulldozer’ processor had 2 billion transistors on its 315mm squared die giving an impressive transistor ratio of 6.359 ( Llano also has a similar ratio so is its transistor count wrong too?) which is higher than that of Sandy Bridge, Sandy Bridge-E and Gulftown. The revised figure of 1.2 billion transistors now moves AMD’s Bulldozer processor (based on million transistors per square mm) down behind the lowest end Sandy Bridge processors.

The new transistor count makes sense of the disappointing Bulldozer performance and as you can see from the new revised transistor count ratio in the graph above the Bulldozer slots in between the old 45nm Deneb (Phenom II) and Intel’s 32nm Sandy Bridge Dual cores.

Source: Anand Tech


One Response to “AMD revises Bulldozer transistor count down to 1.2 billion”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Do more Transistor's though always mean higher performance? I am running an FX-8120 at 4.6 GHz, and honestly this thing ROCKS. I've never had a processor overclock so well, or so high. I admit the Sandy Bridge CPU's are awesome, but I am happy with my FX CPU.

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