AMD Richland APU Pricing and Launch Date Revealed

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AMD’s Richland APUs look set to be very interesting propositions. They look set to further raise the bar in terms of “integrated graphics” while still being hugely affordable and offering decent Piledriver based CPU parts. In fact the flagship, the A10 6800K will cost only around $140 according to the latest leak published by ChipLoco, yet is capable of pushing 1100 3DMarks in the FireStrike benchmark making it competitive with low end graphics cards like the HD 7730/HD 7750 and the GT 640/GTX 650 (Non Ti and Boost).

AMD are also providing the A10 6700 with the same HD 8670D graphics component as the A10 6800K except it features a locked multiplier and slightly lower clock speeds. That said it can still post 1000 3D Marks in FireStrike while costing only $122.

The A8 6600K and A8 6500 make up the mid range area with HD 8570D graphics and $112 and $91 price tags respectively, while the A6 6400K joins a couple of other A6 and A4 models forming the sub $70 entry level market segment. The A6 6400K uses HD 8470D graphics which hits around 550 3DMarks in FireStrike, still more than the i5 3470 which scores 317 and costs $195 relative to the A6 6400K which costs just $69.

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So all in all AMD have got a really aggressive pricing strategy with their Richland APUs. While on their own the CPU and GPU components don’t do anything out of the ordinary, for the money and for the entry level gamer these APUs provide an unchallenged amount of gaming bang-for-buck.

Finally, according to ChipLoco the AMD Richland APUs will launch June the 4th, just in time for Computex and just in time to lock horns with Intel’s Haswell release spotlight. They also suggest AMD will keep on selling the entire Trinity APU series alongside the Richland APUs, though Trinity will probably get healthy price cuts to stay competitive. What are your thoughts on the AMD Richland APU Pricing? Will you be getting one next month when they are released?


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One Response to “AMD Richland APU Pricing and Launch Date Revealed”
  1. Dar G says:

    Ofc that I am waiting! An A10-6800k with Asrock A85X extreme4 with 8gb ram 2000+mhz.Give this chip speed in memory and u have awesome results especially in games.And with inside HD8670 plus fantastic overclocking…Whate else a gamer needs?

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