AMD Roadmap Shows Ryzen 7000X3D Set for 2023 (Ryzen 5000 to Get More X3D Too!)

With the AMD Ryzen 7000 platform now officially here, with four models currently available to purchase I think it went without saying that while certainly representing solid release line-up (offering a bit of something to everyone), more processors from the series would undoubtedly be on the way at some point in the future. – And in this regard, it’s quite honestly hard to take the focus away from the X3D platform which was used with great success on the 5800X3D.

When will Ryzen 7000 get its X3D variants though? Well, according to a leaked AMD Roadmap (courtesy of Videocardz), they’ll be set to arrive at some point next year! – Rest assured though, Ryzen 7000X3D is definitely on the way! – Keep reading though as it seems AMD isn’t done with AM4 yet by a long shot!

AMD Roadmap Shows Ryzen 7000X3D is Set for 2023!

According to the leaked image above, it clearly shows that Ryzen 7000X3D is definitely planned, and more so, it is scheduled for release next year with the timeline potentially suggesting a date around either Spring or Summer.

What’s also interesting is that the timeline also shows a continuation of the Ryzen 5000 platform. This isn’t entirely shocking as news leaked earlier this year suggesting that, in order to make the AM5 transition smoother, support would be extended for its AM4 platform. – It does, however, seem that Ryzen 5000 is set to get more X3D releases beyond just the 5800X3D.

One downside is that it doesn’t seem likely that Threadripper 7000 is coming any time soon leaving HEDT users with the still excellent 5000-series. With more development of APU models from both the Ryzen 4000G and 5000G series, however, while AMD is clearly quite enthused about the future, it seems that AM4 still has plenty of life left in it yet!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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