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AMD Ryzen 5 3600XT CPU Review

Synthetic Benchmarks

Straight away it’s clear that AMD has put some new life into the CPU. The older 3600 scored 22380 in FireSyrike and the XT hit 23298, our fourth highest score yet, and just behind the 3800X and the i9-9900K… albeit at a fraction of the cost of the Intel option. It also beat out the 10600K easily, and the 9700K. The improvement wasn’t as drastic in TimeSpy,but it was still an improvement and more closely matched the 10600K.

The impressive figures kept on coming too, with PCMark 10 benefitting hugely from the new CPU with a score of 7269. Plus, the WPrime time of 107.449 was EXTREMELY close to that of an Intel 9900K.

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Peter Donnell

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