AMD Ryzen Fabrication Boasting Super-High Yields

/ 10 months ago

AMD Ryzen Fabrication Boasting Super-High Yields

AMD is surely delighted with its new Ryzen processors – in terms of both critical reception and sales – and news from its fabrication plants will only inflate the company’s joy. According to a report from Bitsandchips, 80% of fabricated Ryzen dies feature eight fully functional cores. How’s that for efficiency?

How Ryzen is Getting Such High Yields

The high Ryzen yields, while impressive, were surely expected by AMD. Ryzen dies are made using the 14nm process, the manufacture of which has been in refinement for over a year. The dies are also small, which tends to increase wafer yields. Regardless, theory and practice are two different things: actually attaining an 80% yield is a huge victory for AMD.

What High Yields Could Mean for Ryzen Customers

High Ryzen yields will help AMD increase its profit margins, but could this boon be passed onto the customers? With AMD looking to displace Intel as the CPU market leader, it would make sense for it to ship higher volumes for less money. The move would also be in keeping with AMD’s previous strategies. As a result, if AMD employs a blanket proportional drop in its CPU prices, we could see prices for the forthcoming EPYC (aka Naples) CPUs slashed.

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2 Responses to “AMD Ryzen Fabrication Boasting Super-High Yields”
  1. Patrick Bateman says:

    Ryzen 7 1700 for 250 would be unarguably the best price / performance CPU of all time.

  2. Lee Wro says:

    Not bad at $299.

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