AMD showcase FX-8350 at 5GHz near IDF

/ 5 years ago

As is customary with AMD, they have been trying to steal the media attention away from Intel near the IDF event. AMD have set up camp in a nearby hotel suite and taken the opportunity to show the press some new products they have coming.

Firstly they showed off the A10-5800K Trinity APU which we have seen and heard a lot about already so we will only briefly recap. The FM2 Trinity APUs are the successor to FM1 Llano APUs. They are equipped with the latest 32nm Piledriver CPU cores as well as VLIW4 GPU cores (same as the HD 6000 series). They are expected to hit the market for consumers within the next month at affordable prices.

The main event though, was the showcasing of the FX-8350 Piledriver processor. Piledriver is built from the same architecture as Bulldozer, it is just a revision. The FX-8350 was shown overclocked at both 5GHz and 4.8GHz using an AMD-branded closed loop liquid CPU cooler.

AMD ran popular CPU benchmarks like Cinebench and WPrime to show the performance of the FX-8350. By the looks of things the overclocked FX-8350 managed to score 9.06 in multi-threaded 64 bit Cinebench (probably) at 5GHz. For comparison a 2500K at 5GHz scores around 7.7 on Cinebench whilst a 2600K at 5GHz scores around 9.7. This means AMD’s PileDriver flagship just about competes with the Sandy Bridge at equivalent clock speeds which in our opinion is a step in the right direction over Bulldozer especially since AMD will be priced competitively.

We only wonder what power consumption for the FX-8350 at 5GHz looked like…



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