AMD Six Screen Eyefinity Review

/ 6 years ago


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Running a review website and also a YouTube channel is both hard work and rewarding. It also involves a lot of communication between our visitors and everyday I get bombarded with emails with questions and a lot of them involve Eyefinity.

Eyefinity is a technology developed by AMD to allow users the ability to use multiple screens at once, thus giving the user a more intense gaming experience. Eyefinity currently allows up to 6 monitors in a group configuration, and with a lot of websites out there showcasing three, we thought we’d go the whole hog and see how six monitors look together.

For most users this will simply be a dream or a fantasy, but for others, they may be looking at getting a similar setup. Throughout this review we will look at the pros and cons of a setup like this in detail as well as looking at the typical benchmark games we would perform in our usual tests for graphics cards, but this time with six screens instead of just one.


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3 Responses to “AMD Six Screen Eyefinity Review”
  1. gaetan says:

    Great review, great info, great setup. 😀 Although I always prefered "rectangular" schemed game, like Batman where the menus are more easily lined up, while before seeing Dirt 3 I was worried about the fact of the menus being inclined. I like the setup as it is, but personally, my choice would be 3 screens for gaming, as the cutting from the screens' edges would partially ruin my gaming experience. But, as you rightfully stated Andy, it's a personal choice. 🙂

  2. Echoinghell says:

    For this reason, more ultra-thin bezel screens need to be created. I would do a 6-screen or even a 3 if they were available AND cheap.

  3. Implied says:

    While I, as well as most likely some other people are glad to see another 6×2 EyeFinity Setup Video and Testing, you seem to have missed the reason WHY this Setup is so un-common;6×2 means in First Person Shooter games, your Crosshairs will cross right on the bezels between the two levels of screens, which you'll find, especially since you didn't setup AMD Cataclyst to deal with the bezel mis-alignment, will prove to be quite an annoying issue while actually playing games. You won't notice this while running Benchmarks, which is why it doesn't show up on any of your videos. This issue alone turns a lot of people away from a 6×2 Setup, and makes 3×1 Setups a lot more common and preferred. If you really want 6×2 and also play FPSs you'd need to find someone selling a 6×2 setup with no bezels.If you have the money to go for a 6×2 setup, I'd personally recommend going for 5×1. 5×1 is something new that AMD introduced with the AMD Cataclysm Drivers for the Radeon HD 6990 Card. you set up 5 monitors in Portrait Mode instead of landscape, side-by-side. Its a lot of bezel to deal with, you need monitors that function well in Portrait Mode, but you don't have the bezel issue that 6×2 presents you with when it comes to Crosshairs in FPS Games. You also don't need to buy any special card, since even a normal AMD 6950 has enough ports to sustain 5 Monitors. However, the 5×1 Setup has its own flaw as well. For every-day use, you'll find its rather…. Inconvenient. For example, Browser Pages or Word Documents would be thin and super-tall unless you stretched them through multiple monitors, which would mean you'd have to read/type over the bezels. Of course, you can just move them to Landscape Mode when you're not Gaming, but its a lot of stuff to push around, and most people wouldn't do it. Mostly the 5×1 ends up being for people who have a Rig almost exclusively for gaming/watching Movies, possibly IMing on Skype, MSN or whatever.Among other things, 5×1 saves you some cash and cuts down on the cabling (well only slightly).Far as the bezels cutting off the image, AMD Cataclysm has some settings you can use to modify and align the images, also reducing the amount of image the bezel covers. But yes, need more ultra-thin bezel Monitors on the market. There are some custom 3×1 Monitor Setups you can buy without any bezels, some Monitors with small bezels, but not that many. Certainly not enough.Oh and as a side note, if you're going to run with EyeFinity 3,4,5 or 6 Monitors, I'd recommend CrossFire as a default, otherwise you'll find you're not very future-proof. Especially if you're aiming for a 6×2 or a 5×1 Setup. Also ends up eliminating the need for a 6-Port Card.

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