AMD slips out the 8-core FX-Series CPU price

/ 6 years ago

Although the exact release date has not been announced, and normally at this stage we wouldn’t know the price, however AMD have unintentionally revealed the price of the 8-core FX-Series Bulldozer CPU.

The price showed up in the AMD FX Giveaway which was opened for US and Canadian residents suggested that the value of the giveaway is worth $300.

While the page was quickly altered to not include a price, it wasn’t clear which CPU AMD was talking about, but we are pretty sure it is likely to be the flagship FX-8150P as this was the rough figure announced a few months ago, so this more than confirms that they are still looking at the same price mark.

As far as the giveaway is concerned, all you have to do is give your details to AMD and you might win one of five FX-Series 8-core Black Edition CPUs or one of 100 collectible ruby dolls. As noted, the giveaway is opened for US and Canada residents. That is quite a large giveaway and if you are a lucky winner you will receive the new FX Processor as early as possible.

To check out the competition click here

We expect to hear from AMD with some more details within this next month as we are still expecting a September launch.

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  1. gaetan says:

    Why US and Canada only? 🙁

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