AMD Teases Something New in Unlisted Youtube Video

/ 3 years ago

AMD Radeon Teaser Video 390X

AMD has released a short teaser for what appears to be a Radeon branded product, most likely a graphics card. Titled “It’s Coming”, the teaser video is extremely short, coming in at about 7 seconds total and 3 of those seconds contain a black space. From the timing of the teaser, it’s most likely related to AMD’s upcoming 390X flagship GPU or an HBM GPU, depending if those two are one and the same. Earlier teaser images of the 390X had showed a similar design esthetic with the use of black and silver body and red Radeon logo. Those images showed what appeared to be a liquid cooling radiator, something this teaser and other leaked images did not show.

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AMD could do some more work about their marketing and teasers. while great for building anticipation and hype, the teaser is extremely short on details. Interestingly enough this time around, we’ve had more leaks about the 980Ti which is based on known technology, rather than on the new 390X and its groundbreaking HBM technology. AMD has to build up excitement around it’s products if they’re to regain their market share. Whether or not these type of teasers will work remains to be seen.

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  1. Etienne Boutet boucher says:

    i only wait new AMD card because it’s will make R9 2xx serie cheaper price.

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