Additional AMD Threadripper CPUs Will Launch October 29th

AMD Will Finish Off Threadripper 2 Launch Late October

Earlier this year, AMD released their new Ryzen Threadripper 2 lineup. After Threadripper sent AMD back into the High-End Desktop market, Threadripper 2 is set to build upon that success. The new lineup brought in an unprecedented number of cores, 32 in total. That was a double of what Threadripper originally offered with 16 cores. To fill up the rest of the lineup, the company is releasing additional Threadripper 2 CPUs for October 29th.

So far, AMD has the 32 core TR 2990WX and 16 core TR 2950X. Due to the use of 4 Zepplin 8 cores dies, the 32 cores and 16 cores CPUs made the most sense. Other core counts would have to wait for defective dies to build up a stockpile. To fill in the rest of the lineup, we have new 24 core and 12 core processors. These are the TR 2970WX at 24 cores and 12 core TR 2920X. Just like their siblings, the new chips will use the TR4 socket with quad channel DDR4 and feature Dynamic Local Mode. With SMT active, the number of threads doubles to 48 and 24 respectively.

New MSRP Higher Than Current Threadripper Retail Prices

Due to the high core count, the TR 2970WX features a 3.0 GHz base and 4.2GHz boost clock. This also comes with a large 250W TDP. Unfortunately, this means that the chip will only work with new X399 motherboards with improved VRMs. The lesser TR 2920X manages to clock higher with a 180W TDP. It features a base clock of 3.5 GHz and boosts up to 4.3 GHz. In terms of L3 cache size, the former has 64MB and the latter 32MB.

Finally, AMD has released their launch MSRP. The TR 2970WX processor will retail for $1,299,  while the TR 2920X will cost $649. Compared to the prices Intel is charging for their HEDT processors, it is quite a good deal. Due to the new launch, the MSRP is higher for Threadripper 2 compared to OG Threadripper. However, prices will likely drop once the launch tapers off and are below the OG Threadripper launch prices. With launch will complete the entire AMD Threadripper lineup, with chips in both the 32/24 and 16/12 brackets. Given the layouts in the 4 die configuration, AMD is unlikely to release any more TR CPUs, at least until EPYC refreshes next year with Zen 2.

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