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AMD To Announce 3rd-Gen Threadrippers on November 7th?

We all know that AMD is planning to release its 3rd-generation Threadripper processors at some point this month. The rumour mill, however, did speculate that the official embargo date was the 5th of November. In other words, today. Well, presuming you’re not reading this tomorrow…

In a report via Videocardz, however, it seems that AMD may have decided to put the brakes on slightly by delaying the official announcement for a couple more days. The good news is, however, that the delay isn’t a big one!

AMD Delays Threadripper Launch

With AMD reportedly delaying the launch of their latest Threadripper processors until November 7th, the only matter that is slightly unclear is whether instructions have gone out to motherboard manufacturers to also delay their launches. It does, however, seem more than likely that this has been done to ensure a coordinated launch.

Based on the slide below, however, which did indicate a November 5th launch date, it seems pretty clear that AMD has 100% pushed this back! “Dates no longer valid”. It doesn’t get much clearer than that, does it?

What Do We Think?

There are various reasons why a product launch can be delayed. More often than not, it’s simply because the stars haven’t quite aligned. Review samples might be dragging their heels, their number may be limited, or the simple logistics of getting everything ready might not just be quite there yet.

All going well, however, AMD will reveal their 3rd-generation Threadripper processors this Thursday. If the rumours are to be believed though, they’re going to be well worth the wait!

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Mike Sanders

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