AMD To Bundle SimCity With Select A10 and A8 APUs From April 18th

/ 5 years ago


AMD’s Never Settle and Never Settle Reloaded gaming bundle deals have been incredibly successful, helping increase the value for money consumers get when purchasing select AMD products. AMD knows it has been successful and is looking to extend this type of bundle deal to its FM2 “Trinity” APUs.

According to the details on the slide, which have been confirmed by AMD as true, the latest bundle will allow buyers of eligible AMD A8 and A10 series processors to get a free origin game download code for SimCity. We think the eligible models will be the A10-5800K and A8-5600K only, but this is yet to be confirmed.

What is confirmed is that these bundles will be made officially available by AMD from April the 18th. There is no confirmation on which regions will get the deal but it should most definitely be available to the United Kingdom, the USA, Canada and most of Europe.

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Whether you agree with SimCity’s $59.99 price-tag or not, this game certainly adds some extra value to these AMD APUs. The performance available to APU users in SimCity also looks pretty snappy and as you can see the (£80) A8-5600K offers better performance than the (£110) Intel Core i3 3225 in SimCity, and better performance than the (£110) i3 3225 with a (£45) Nvidia GT 620. This is thanks to the integrated graphics on these new AMD APUs being much better than Intel HD Graphics and most low-end video cards.

What do you think of AMD offering SimCity with these APUs? Will this encourage you to jump onboard with the AMD FM2 APU platform?


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4 Responses to “AMD To Bundle SimCity With Select A10 and A8 APUs From April 18th”
  1. Triguy says:

    Well for as long as you enjoy the game and youre not really more on heavy games then AMD APU is fine and worth to buy

  2. Wayne says:

    Rather reduce the price of the parts by the value of the game. That’s a far more effective incentive to buy to my way of thinking. I’ve had a couple of nVidia cards cross my desk lately with some free to play game keys bundled with them that I couldn’t even give away so they just ended up in the paper recycling bin. The way I feel about EA at the moment I wouldn’t play any of their games even if I got them free besides Sim City is not the type of game I’d play, even if some else published it. Like everybody else, I like to choose my games & not have them foisted at me in order to sell something.

    • Its never going to work like that because digital property has ephemeral virtual value whereby it could be sold for next to nothing / for free and a profit would still be made. However, AMD’s APUs have real high production and material costs. If they were to reduce the price by $60 they would be taking a massive profit hit, maybe even venturing into deficit on each product sold. Granted you might not like SimCity, but its a freebie chucked in and an incentive to buy for those who do like it.

      • Wayne says:

        Yeah their processor prices are probably already pared to the bone. Maybe the choice between a variety of games would be better instead of one solitary game released by a publisher who hasn’t exactly received fawning accolades as of late.

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