AMD to Expand its Ryzen 5000X3D Series with New Models?

Last month rumours appeared online suggesting that despite the release of its new AM5 Ryzen 7000 desktop processors set for later this year (expected circa September), AMD may not have been entirely finished with its current socket platform. The leak suggested that, as something of a last hurrah, AMD would release one final series of processors to give the AM4 socket the send-off it so thoroughly deserved before fully transitioning not just to AM5, but also the formal and exclusive adoption of DDR5 memory.

In other words, before the end of this year, we wouldn’t just see AMD’s new Ryzen 7000 AM5 platform arrive, but we could also potentially expect one final series of AM4-based processors! – Now, of course, it does beg the question as to why they would do this. And in this regard, there’s a long and short answer, but it basically all boils down to money.

AMD Worried About Sluggish Transition!

It’s understood that despite bringing AM5, Ryzen 7000 Zen4, and DDR5 memory enhancements, AMD isn’t entirely convinced that enough of their existing AM4 customer base will either want or are quite ready yet to make such a wholesale transition. With this in mind, therefore, something of a ‘stop gap’ Ryzen AM4 generation was potentially being considered.

When the news originally broke, I said at the time that the most logical option was to simply extend the range of X3D processors from the amazingly popular 5800X3D, and following a report via TechPowerUp, it appears that this may be exactly what AMD is planning!

More X3D Processors Are Coming?

Now, of course, while representing an entirely logical final platform release for the AM4 socket, none of this is guaranteed. And, just in case it needed to be said, none of this is even slightly confirmed through official/direct channels. – If this is, however, proven to be accurate, then we can potentially expect the launch of models from the 5600X3D all the way up to the potentially AM4 holy grail of the 5950X3D.

Will these be successful though? Well, as a current AMD Ryzen owner, although Ryzen 7000 certainly has my interest, I’m not planning to be an early AM5 adopter. In fact, my immediate plans are more in line with utilising what existing components I have to make one final ‘beast’ of an AM4 system. And with the potential release of a 5950X3D? Well, that’d certainly help and would definitely have my attention!

If this is going to happen though, don’t expect to hear anything official about it until much later this year. AMD isn’t likely going to want to rob the fanfare of its next-generation leaps this September by also launching last-generation hurrahs at the same time!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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