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AMD to Launch Ryzen 3000 ‘XT’ Refresh?

For the last few weeks, there have been growing rumors that AMD was planning on launching a refresh of their existing 3XXX range of Ryzen processors. Likely as a means of combating the recent launch of Intel’s Comet Lake-S series. Exactly what form this ‘refresh’ would take, however, has been more than a little unclear.

In a report via WCCFTech, however, it seems that we may at least have a window into at least how they’ll be distinguished. Yes, it seems that AMD is moving its ‘XT’ naming platform over to their CPUs.

AMD Ryzen ‘XT’

In the report, an image has leaked that cites three upcoming Ryzen 3XXX processors that will feature a new ‘XT’ naming. Now, as you’re probably aware, this ‘branding’ has (to date) only been used with their graphics cards (such as the 5700 XT), and, as such, it would seem a little unusual that they would be choosing this to distinguish their Ryzen refresh.

It is, however, possible that this name may provide more of a clue as to what the refresh may provide as a whole.

What Do We Think?

In terms of details and specifications, we know very little. While the core/thread counts are expected to be the same to their non-XT counterparts, it is, however, suggested that their clock speeds will be pushed a little higher that will translate to around a 5-10% performance gain on the ‘original’ models. In addition, price drops are anticipated which have, to a degree, already been seen!

As for the XT? Well, it may just be that AMD wants this moniker to act as the distinguishing feature between their standard models and more tuned designs. Again, something that was seen between the 5700 and the XT GPU variants. Then again, is it a mild indication that these processors may feature an integrated graphics solution? Well, we’ve heard that theory, and based on other AMD processor rumors (that are also apparently (and separately) on the way), put simply, we doubt it.

So, when will we know for sure? Well, AMD is apparently set to reveal this refresh on June 16th with a general release on July 7th. So if a Ryzen 3XXX refresh is coming, we don’t have long to wait before we find out!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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