AMD trinity powered notebook seen running Deus Ex

/ 6 years ago


Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) have been showing off the upcoming “Trinity” platform at a live demo event. The Trinity platform is the successor to Llano in the Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) line of products and will utilise the next generation of “Piledriver” CPU cores along with Direct X 11 compatible Radeon graphics cores which will probably be of the VLIW4 40nm manufacturing process.  The Trinity APU will run off the FM2 socket which will be an updated version of the FM1 socket  and so there is likely to be backward compatibility there. Although there were no specifications were given about what was actually inside the notebook running Deus Ex human revolution we can assume it was probably comprised of an FM2 motherboard, equipped with a quad core APU which is made up of four x86 piledriver cores. There is an onboard DDR3 memory controller within the APU unit although the supported RAM speeds are unknown currently. Trinity will be launched for both the desktop and notebook platforms in the same way Llano has been.


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