AMD Trinity’s package options presented

/ 6 years ago

CES is doing a great deal on the news, lately AMD showed off its upcoming Trinity in some impressive real-world capability demo but also displayed the various packages the processor will come in. As pictured above, three packaging are offered, each of them for a different form fact.

Starting from left, the smallest one is a compact FT2 BGA (ball-grid array) package, which is designed for ultra-compact notebook, ultrabooks included.

The one in the centre, larger than the previous, is the FS1r2 uPGA package, which is the mainstream notebook processor, with slightly more space and board footprint constraints. Unlike its smaller counterpart, the FS1r2 uPGA is socketed with extremely tiny pins.

Now moving to a more familiar form factor, the FM2 for desktops is an updated version of FM1, the current socket on which the Llano A-series desktop APUs are based. As was previously reported, FM2 is not compatible with FM1, something some might consider as an improvement for the APU while others may see it as a rather annoying update when it will come to acquiring the new processor.

Source: TPU


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