AMD Vega Showcase Rumored for Computex

/ 10 months ago

AMD Vega Showcase Rumored for Computex

AMD is making a resurgence of late with two strong hardware launches. Ryzen obviously did well as a healthy return to the x86 CPU market. RX 500 also served as a refresh to bolster the mainstream GPU offerings. Sunnyvale just has to release their long awaited Vega GPUs and return to the high end of the graphics market. With various dates swirling around, it appears Computex is now in contention.

Computex happens late May and into early June as a major technology showcase and conference. On May 30th, Powercolor is showing off some of their new technologies and other latest products, especially the top end Red Devil lineup. As one of AMD’S exclusive partners, Powercolor has been actively pushing the Radeon lineup. This May 30th event may very well be a Vega showcase as the RX 500 lineup is already done with.

Computex Launch for Vega?

The real question to be asked is whether or not Vega will arrive before May 30th or earlier. May 30th fits in the Q2/1H timeframe AMD has given out, even if it just manages to squeeze in. However, it means real availability won’t occur until June at the earliest. The other possibility is that AMD will release Vega earlier in May and the partners then start showing off custom models at Computex, the perfect venue.

AMD is hosting a major event on May 16th aimed at setting out the long-term business plan. Computex would make more sense for a launch as it is a larger platform and venue. Both Nvidia and Intel are not expected to release any new products, so there is no competition there. Either way, let hope that Vega will launch within the timeframe AMD has laid out and without any major supply issues.

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