AMD Vega Spotted Again with 4096 Cores and 8GB HBM2

/ 9 months ago

Another day, another piece of the puzzle. Yesterday we learned that the AMD Vega cards indeed feature 64 Compute Units in the OpenCL benchmarks from CompuBench. Today we see another set of numbers which confirm the 64 Compute Units from yesterday, but also show us more about the memory configuration.

This time we get the information from SiSoft benchmark which detected the same 64 Compute Units on a card named 687F:C3. Please note that the card spotted yesterday was a C1, so this could be a bigger model of the RX Vega series. The card has an 8GB 2048-bit memory configuration which points to two HBM2 memory stacks with 4GB and 1024-bit each.

Information that should be discarded in the screenshot below are the core clock speeds of just 344MHz and the L2 cache of 16 KB. Those are clearly false readings due to the hardware being unknown to the software. So just block them out when you look at it.

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This second benchmark information in just two days points towards AMDs engineers hard at work with a near-finished product. We also get the confirmation on the 4096 Stream Processors (64 x 64 Compute Units) and the two stacks of HBM memory making up the total of 8GB.

So far there is no indication for of a cut-down or rehash or previous chips in the known information, so that’s good news too. I for one am excited for the RX Vega and can’t wait to see the final product in the wild.

Vega Spotted

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One Response to “AMD Vega Spotted Again with 4096 Cores and 8GB HBM2”
  1. Abheek Gulati says:

    AMD and their being all secretive. We deserve more information than this, goddamnit. What about Vega 11? What about that rumor to do with Radeon RX 500 series Polaris refresh coming out around 4th April? What about taking Ryzen and Vega to gaming laptops? I need information all this waiting makes me miserable AAARRRGGGHHHH

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