AMD working on cost-effective FX-8300 eight core processor

/ 5 years ago

We recently saw the release of the new FX range of processors, codenamed Vishera, and was impressed with the new Piledriver processors as they offered an improvement over Bulldozer and still managed to undercut the competition from Intel, but AMD are said to be taking this one step further with a new cost-effective FX-8300 CPU.

The FX-8300 will sit below the flagship FX-8350 and 8320 models but will also feature eight piledriver cores come in with a slightly lower price point, which already seems fantastic as the 8350 retails at $194 and the 8320 at $164.

The FX-8300 (model number FD8300WMW8KHK) features 8 cores, clocked to 3.20GHz and a TurboCore speed of 3.60GHz and features a low 95W TDP, compared to 125W as seen on the 8320 and 8350 models

Though it’s said to be cost-effective, the 95W TDP should see the price being bumped back up for those wanting cooler operation in comparison to the 125W TDP based 8320.

No word on availability or concrete pricing yet, but we will scour for more information and bring it to you as soon as we can.


One Response to “AMD working on cost-effective FX-8300 eight core processor”
  1. Ashley Kok says:

    if the performance and temps on clock settings are as good compared to the intel 2400-2500 cpus and priced around $140-150 then it will be a great bargain.

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