AMD Confirms Zen Successors as Zen 2 and Zen 3

/ 12 months ago

AMD Zen Ryzen Architecture Overview 1

During the first Zen announcement, AMD showed off their roadmap for Zen, their new CPU architecture with a 40% IPC increase. On the same chart was Zen+, the planned successor to Zen with an additional 15% IPC increase. Now that Zen has launched with a 52% IPC increase, where does that leave Zen+? According to AMD though, they are more than ready with successor architectures waiting in the wings.

AMD Ryzen R7 Zen 52% IPC 40%

According to CEO Lisa Su, the company is already working on their successors to Zen, the Zen 2 and Zen 3. As we have previously reported, the company appears to want to keep Zen going at about a 2-year iteration cycle. I guess with Zen+, there wasn’t much room for future released and Zen++ just doesn’t look quite right. While no timeline has been scheduled yet, I suspect we will see them at least a year on out.

AMD Financial Analyst 2015 Zen 2

The real question concerning Zen 2 and Zen 3 are the IPC increases. As mentioned, Zen+ featured a 15% boost but it seems like vanilla Zen has already reached those numbers at 52% increase (40% + 12%). Now that AMD has a strong base architecture, I expect we will settle down in the 5-15% for each generation as AMD optimizes and iterations on their design. As we’ve seen from Ryzen, there is still a lot more work to be done to make Zen faster.

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3 Responses to “AMD Confirms Zen Successors as Zen 2 and Zen 3”
  1. Deregtz says:

    The real question is is Zen 2 on 14nm or on 7nm. I Think its on the same 14nm. I expect AMD to surpass Intel in performance with 7nm

    • Xajel says:

      Well, AMD is targeting a new update each 2 years, so Zen 2 should be in 2019 which also matches 7nm roadmap from AMD partners.

  2. Sergeant_Im says:

    they can try improving the clockspeed, which is partially silicon dependent

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