AMD’s FX-9590 Gets Final Pricing

/ 4 years ago


AMD’s FX-9590 CPU is going to be a special limited edition processor from AMD. You can read more about the specifics here but it will basically boast the title of the first commercially available CPU that is capable of 5GHz out-of-the-box without any overclocking. In terms of pricing we were aware from the pre-order pricing that the region would be around $900 and that pricing seems to have stuck. The FX-9590, according to TechPowerUp, is available at three websites for the following prices:

So if you live in the USA and you’re interested in picking up an FX-9590 you’re basically going to have to expect to shell out at least $880 to $960 depending on what pricing your retailer chooses. It is also worth considering AMD didn’t want these CPUs to be sold separately so many big retailers may choose to respect AMD’s wishes and not sell these individually.

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In the UK we have seen these retail CPUs selling for around £700 which is about €850. This is a staggering amount of money considering you can get a Intel Core i7 3960X for a similar price.

Image courtesy of AMD

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  • chris trak

    WOW………..why so pricey, people are gonna go Intel for that money………

    • Neil Mathieson

      No reason to spend this kind of money for an unproven CPU that sucks a huge amount of power.

  • Brian Bystrom

    Bad move on your part AMD. Too pricey

  • Olivier Guimont

    It’s so expensive I could build a good gaming pc instead.

  • Dragos Popescu

    only processor from AMD that isn’t worth it’s money, I got the FX8350 and I can take it to 4,7 no problem.

  • Wayne

    Ouch. It costs as much as a good processor.

  • d6bmg

    Let see where does it take them.. 😛

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