AMD’s HD 7790 “Bonaire” Graphics Card Specifications and Performance Revealed

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AMD is planning a brand new launch for its HD 7000 series to fill that gap between the $110 HD 7770 and $170 HD 7850. Unsurprisingly, this card is called the HD 7790 as we revealed last month, much like the HD 6790 we saw in the last generation series of graphics card from AMD. The HD 7790 will be designed to compete with Nvidia’s $150 GTX 650Ti and we are hearing that the performance will actually be better for the price – as you would expect for AMD.

Now, none of the above is actually new information but what is new information is the details on specifications and performance that have been acquired. According to a report by Hardware.Info the HD 7790 will have 896 stream processors based on the Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture. The all important performance is expected to be just 10% less than the HD 7850 which makes performance with the GTX 650Ti highly competitive.

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Bonaire is expected to have a low production cost and higher yields thanks to the much leaner transistor count. The narrower memory bus compared to the Pitcairn based (HD 7850 and HD 7870) cards means that the HD 7790 can also use a more cost-effective VRM. AMD’s HD 7790 will be ready next month so expect to see some reviews pop up then, maybe even one from us here at eTeknix!

As mentioned pricing will fill the $110 to $170 gap and be competitive with the $150 GTX 650Ti so we would make an educated guess and say the reference model of the HD 7790 will come to market at $150 on the money.

Do you think this is a good product release from AMD? Is the price justified? Will you be buying one? Let us know what you think!


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