AMD’s HD 7990 Finally Inbound, Better Late Than Never?

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AMD’s HD 7990 is strange in that we have seen versions of it from AMD partners before AMD released the reference design. In late August 2012 we saw a version from TUL corporation which was then branded and sold by PowerColor VTX3D and Club3D. In early January 2013 we saw the ASUS ROG ARES II graphics card which was a HD 7990/HD 7970X2. Interestingly we saw Nvidia’s GTX 690 as early as May 2012. So this all begs the question, is it even worth AMD releasing a HD 7990 now? Well irrelevant of what you and I think about the answer to that, AMD has decided releasing one now is still worthwhile in a case of “better late than never”.

At a press conference for the GDC press briefing on Tuesday AMD previewed the reference design of their HD 7990. The HD 7990 is expected to be released very soon and it should carry them through all the way to Q4 of 2013 when the next generation of video cards will be announced. AMD’s HD 7990 enjoys significant advantages over a lot of current market offerings in being only dual slots in thickness and being “whisper quiet” thanks to triple 90mm fans cooling a complex heatsink.

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AMD didn’t comment much about the card except focusing on the fact the card is quiet, which is something I think is very important given how loud the HD 6990 was. What do you think of AMD releasing their reference version of the HD 7990? Will you be buying one? Was it released too late? Let us know your thoughts.


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