AMD’s R9 290X Gets Benchmarked Again, Clock Speeds Revealed Too

/ 4 years ago


We already saw a performance leak of the AMD R9 290X about a week ago and now we’ve got a fresh leak courtesy of TechPowerUp. The new information reveals clock speeds and the performance of the card. Firstly the GPU core has a stock clock of 800MHz with no dynamic overclocking, but there is dynamic underclocking for power saving. The memory is clocked at 1125MHz which is 4.5GHz effective and this allows for 288 GB/s of memory bandwidth over a hefty 512 bit interface. Though this contradicts AMD’s “> 300GB/s memory bandwidth” statement made in their GPU14 presentation slides.

We also revealed the specifications and pricing earlier for those who are interested. Below you can see the extensive testing done by the leaked source. The testing compares the R9 290X and GTX Titan. The testing includes Tomb Raider, RAGE, Skyrim , Grid 2, Crysis 3 and Battlefield 3.r9_290X_benchmark_1 r9_290X_benchmark_2 r9_290X_benchmark_3 r9_290X_benchmark_4 r9_290X_benchmark_5 r9_290X_benchmark_6 r9_290X_benchmark_7 r9_290X_benchmark_8 r9_290X_benchmark_9 r9_290X_benchmark_10 r9_290X_benchmark_11 r9_290X_benchmark_12 r9_290X_benchmark_13 r9_290X_benchmark_14 r9_290X_benchmark_15 r9_290X_benchmark_16 r9_290X_benchmark_17 r9_290X_benchmark_18 r9_290X_benchmark_19 r9_290X_benchmark_20

Image #1 courtesy of AMD, All other images courtesy of Grant Kim, via TechPowerUp

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