AMD’s Upcoming Radeon R9 390X Could Feature 4096-bit Memory Bus!

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We only just posted two articles about a couple of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 900 series cards, so maybe AMD noticed and thought it would be a good time to tease their upcoming Radeon R9 390X. We only reported on the Fiji XT a couple of days ago, but now we’re hearing much more detailed specs on what this behemoth will end up arriving as.



According to leaked information, the R9 390X would have a 4096-bit memory bus, and while that might sound impressive – consider this, the current GeForce GTX 980 has a 256-bit memory bus, and memory bandwidth of around 224GB/sec. The R9 390X on the other hand, according to these rumors, would be plugging away inside of your PC with 640GB/sec of memory bandwith.

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This is all thanks to the use of High-Bandwidth Memory chips (HBM) that have a 1024-bit IO interface – four of those stacked together (2Gb DRAM dies) equals a huge 4096-bit memory bus. My head is still spinning at this, so let’s just hope these rumors turn out to be true.

Source: KitGuru, TweakTown.

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  • ZomBie

    4096 bit? are you sure?

  • Wayne

    Holy smoke!!! Is it already 2025? I don’t believe it, not yet anyway.

  • Ironbunny IonBunny

    well it’s stacked ram…yeah, the way gpu works so they add up.

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