America’s First Commercial 100-gigabit Broadband Coming to Cleveland

/ 3 years ago


A Federal grant worth $700,000 means Cleveland is set to become the first US city to have commercially available 100-gigabit broadband network. The remainder of the $1 million cost will be shared by the city of Cleveland and fibre optic network facilitator OneCommunity, contributing $200,000 and $100,000, respectively.

During a news conference on Friday, US Assistant Secretary of Commerce Jay Williams hailed the move, saying, “This public-private partnership will drive innovation and job creation for the city and regional businesses to support entrepreneurs and advance the region’s reputation as a destination for innovation.”

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It is hoped that the initiative will attract more businesses and technical innovators to the state of Cleveland. Tracey Nichols, Cleveland’s economic development director, outlined how she plans to entice new business, saying, “My first thing will be to get information about this network out to site selectors. This will help attract film industry business, security companies and others.”

Source: Crain’s Cleveland Business

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