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An AI Text Generator Is Disturbingly Good & You Can Try it Too!

We have certainly seen some pretty huge advances in AI technology in recent years. While most of us are hoping that it doesn’t eventually lead to the destruction of the human race, in the meantime it does have some pretty cool applications!

One of which is ‘Transformer’. An AI algorithm designed to write a full passage of text just based solely on your initial sentence. Do you want to know the really disturbing part though? It’s actually pretty good at it!

Transformer AI Text Generator

So just how good is it? Well, let me give you a few examples. For my first test, I decided to go with something rather basic. “I like Stork Margarine because…” – This was the result!

I like stork margarine because it’s buttery, and makes me feel all warm in that tiny, unassuming package.

The smell is delightful,” agrees Miley, and when I ask for her opinion of the stuff, she says, “I wouldn’t go any farther than that because of the flavor. I love avocado and chocolate, but I’m pretty neutral on chocolate.”

On a tech-based theme, I then decided to up the ante a little. I started with “I’ve often debated whether to choose Intel or AMD”. A fairly contentious statement in itself. This, however, was it’s remarkably detailed analysis!

I’ve often debated whether to choose Intel or AMD. I can’t really agree which comes out the winner. The two CPUs (and the GPUs) of course have vastly different architectures, even when their core parts are exactly the same. At least in terms of overall performance and efficiency, the two sides of an architecture are essentially interchangeable.

AMD has the advantage here because they have more than one line of code in the pipeline (a.k.a. two CPU’s). Intel only has two chips per line, but their two-die architecture puts them at an advantage here too. The biggest problem I see with the decision to pick Intel over AMD is that Microsoft does not want to move to a mobile and/or x86-based CPU architecture because it doesn’t want to be tied down to the two-lane socket used on desktop PCs. AMD is a big player in the mobile arena. It’s not like the company was waiting for Intel (or AMD) to do something with x86.

What Do We Think?

Honestly, the AI is surprisingly much better than we might have expected. Admittedly, it does often take you down some generic paths, but every now and then it’ll generate something that genuinely impresses and surprises you!

If you want to try this out yourself, you can do via the official website here!

What do you think? Are you impressed with it? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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