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Analysts Predict RAM Prices Could Drop by 40% This Year

For many years, RAM represented one of the most inexpensive means of squeezing some extra performance out of a PC. Over the last 5 years, however, RAM prices have been regularly increasing to a point where, comparatively, doubling your system memory could cost at least twice as much as it used to. The prices actually changed many peoples opinions on this subject from memory to a solid-state drive.

Fortunately, 2019 has seen prices start to drop down again, but in a report via TechSpot, industry analysts believe that this could set to fall even further before the end of the year.

RAM Prices May Drop by 40%

RAM went through a rather significant pinch period where demand massively outweighed supply. As is nearly always the case in this instance, this led to prices nearly doubling within an exceptionally short period of time.

Analysis firm Gartner has, however, said that this has now started to significantly shift in the other direction. A factor boosted by the opening of far more memory producing factories in Asia.

As such, they believe that RAM prices will continue to fall throughout 2019 and may even drop as low as 40% based on current prices.

A Great Time To Upgrade!

Having recently just purchased a RAM upgrade myself, a key factor was the fact that the exact same RAM that was selling for upwards of £200 last year was now available for less than £90. As such, if you have been holding off on the traditional ‘doubling up’ on memory, now is a great time to find some deals. Speaking of which, we just reviewed the T-Force Vulcan Z DDR4 3200 MHz 16GB RAM kit which you can check out via the link here!

If you are, however, patient, it seems that waiting a little longer may reap you some even bigger rewards!

What do you think? Have you noticed RAM prices dropping recently? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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