Android 4.3 WiFi Updates Detailed

/ 4 years ago


While Android 4.3, the next revision of Google’s mobile operating system, has yet to be revealed we are hearing more details of what the update will bring. The main change, according to Android Police, is that their will be new WiFi power settings. This will allow applications to search for a WiFi connection even if the WiFi is turned off.

“To improve location accuracy and for other purposes, Google and other apps may scan for nearby networks, even when Wi-Fi is off. If you don’t want this to happen, go to Advanced > Scanning always available”

Of course what’s interesting is that the new feature can be completely turned off if users don’t agree with apps being able to do this kind of thing.

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Furthermore Android 4.3 shows an updated Roboto typeface with an additional 15 glyphs. These will be up to 30% larger in size and will just give the typeface a more refined, balanced and dynamic look than before. We aren’t sure when Android 4.3 is coming but with more and more leaked details being revealed expect it within a month or so.

Image courtesy of Google

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  • Wayne

    It looks more like an interim update. Nothing at all to get excited about.

  • dave

    will it work on my tablet android multi pad version 4.0.3…..?