Android Auto is Ready, Here’s an Expensive Radio to Prove it

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So Android Auto, Google’s answer to Apple’s Carplay is finally ready for consumers to buy. It’s been around 9 months since the announcement back in 2014, so all the non-Apple-Fan-People can have a responsive OS in their car. It has all the typical support that you would expect from Android, Maps, calls, music and even text, but into a larger, car-friendly interface. The technology behind this is sort of similar to Samsung’s “S-Beam” where you can ‘beam’ the information from your phone to another applicable screen and then use that new screen to control it.

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Car manufacturers aren’t known for their amazing technological implementation speeds, it may take many months before cars start appearing with this as a standard feature. However, some manufacturers promise some existing 2015 models may accept Android Auto through a firmware upgrade. Now just because you have that 2014 Ford Fiesta doesn’t mean you can’t have Android Auto, Pioneer has announced 3 new head units, starting at $700, that will support Android Auto; I’ll just stick to my carputer thanks.

Thank you ArsTechnica for this information.

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