Android Developers To Get Access To App Translation Services

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The App Translation Services previewed in May at the Google I/O event has been made available to all developers. What the service does is allow developers to build applications in various languages without the need of a person to translate all texts inside the app.

Android Developers Blog tells us that the App Translation Services can be purchased through Google Play Developer Console and can aid developers in quickly translating all text strings inside the application to the desired language of choice.

Apparently there are some good news and usage increase in apps that used the above mentioned toolbox in the past. RV AppStudios used the tool and added 20 supported languages to its Zombie Ragdoll title, which added to 80% of installs being made in non-English countries.

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Another example is the dating application SayHI Chat that saw an increase of 120% of install growth after it expanded to support 13 additional languages using the App Translation Services tool. Even the G4A Indian Rummy application saw a 300% increase with user engagement in localized apps.

It looks like expanding your application to support more and more various languages does have a big impact in app usage and should be taken into consideration for future development of applications.

Thank you Android Developers Blog for providing us with this information
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