Android Devices Get Support For Amazon Coins

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The Amazon Coins payment option was introduced in May last year, but ever since it remained somewhat a currency used on Kindle Fire tablets. The virtual currency was designed as a simple method of paying for your goods and better monetization for developers.

If you liked the payment method, them you are going to be pleased to hear that the Amazon Coins can now be used on all Android platforms. The change has been made available in the latest software update and the virtual currency can now be used via the Amazon Appstore. However, the service us currently available only in the U.S., U.K. and Germany at the moment.

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The virtual currency extension is extremely beneficial not only to customers, who are given a quick and easy to use payment method, but also developers. The hard work put in developing the applications will be rewarded with a 70% cut from the virtual currency method. However, the biggest benefactor in all this will always be Amazon itself, since it will receive the other 30% from all purchases made using the virtual currency.

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