Android Gaming Console “GameStick” doubles the $110k Goal

/ 5 years ago

GameStick looks like a project that has received a lot more attention than OUYA. Judging by the 2,316 backers in Kickstarter with a pledge of $225,621 (at the time of writing) with 25 days still to go, this project is far more than successful and it seems to be catching people’s attention far more quickly than OUYA did.

GameStick managed to raise $100,000 with the first 2 days!


What makes this unit different is that its a bit cheaper than OUYA, the form-factor of the console is similar to the dimension of a thick 64GB/128GB capacity flash drive with a HDMI port that can power up from the same port and a Bluetooth gamepad which can also store the stick within it.

The GameStick is going to be based on Google’s Android OS, as pointed out before, but it’s also going to support a game-pad, mouse and keyboards as well- depending on the gamer and their preferences.

According to GameStick, they are expected to ship the first units by April 2013.

Via: Toms’ Hardware 

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