Why do Android Phones Need So Much RAM?

/ 3 years ago

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A question that has haunted Apple and Android fans for years has now been answered. Why do iPhones get by on 1GB of RAM while most Android handsets need an extra 1 or 2GB?

Well Glyn Williams on Quora thinks he has the answer. Apparently Android apps rely on Java which utilises a process called “garbage collection”. This is essentially the recycling of memory used up by apps that have been closed. These processes require 4 to 8 times the amount of memory being used, which in turn slows things down considerably when there isn’t enough RAM available to meet the request.

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This also usurps the power consumption of the device, suggesting why iPhones can last so long on standby (about 10 days). Glyn’s post on the question-and-answer site has more than 3000 upvotes, including ones from ex-Google employee Kevin X Chang and Jeff Harris who is apparently a Project Manager on Google Glass. 

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