Android Silver Put On Hold by Google

/ 3 years ago

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For those of you who’ve been waiting to get your hands onto a high-end Android based handset running stock software – the wait’s going to be much longer than expected. Reports have leaked that Google’s own employee’s seriously fear that the yet unannounced Android Silver initiative wouldn’t take-off with consumers. Mountain View for the moment has put all plans for Android Silver on hold – with the recent departure of Google’s sales boss Nikesh Arora making matters far more difficult than intended for the company. Arora held strong ties with both high end handset makers as well as the big name mobile telecommunication companies – his departure is said to have set the project back significantly, with Google failing to have anyone suitable to fill in their big shoes.

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Android Silver looked to remove software bloat from Android devices – and was expected to be targeting premium high-end handsets across major developed global markets. The news is a large blow for the company, as Google’s still a shy away from challenging head on against rival Apple at the top tier end of the market. In the meantime, Mountain View is hard at work on releasing its new Android version Android L – set for release later this year.

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    I really like the way android handles as stock.

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