Android Wear Hacked to Work with iPhone

/ 3 years ago


Android Wear, Google’s Android OS for smart watches, has been hacked to work with an iPhone. Currently, Android Wear only supports Android itself and no other OS. Well, developer Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh managed to work around that, and has actually got the two opposites talking to each other.

iOS contains a feature called Notification Center Service (ANCS) that is designed to send notifications to third-party fitness trackers and other similar devices. Using this, Mohammad connected the iPhone via Bluetooth to a Moto 360 smart watch that runs a special app to make this all work.

As the video shows below, Mohammad gets notifications popping up on his watch just a few seconds after they appear on his iPhone. While this is pretty interesting, it doesn’t mean an iPhone can exploit the full features of Android Wear. Not yet anyway. Google has said the Android is only supported “for now”, so iOS support may well happen someday.

Source: The Verge

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