Angela Merkel Calls Obama, Enquires Why Her Phone Was Spied On

/ 4 years ago

Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel

When it was revealed that the NSA had been spying on Germany in a significant way Angela Merkel didn’t really seem too bothered and left the outrage to be taken on by the German public and other German politicians. Now it has been revealed that the NSA were spying directly on German Chancellor Angela Merkel and suddenly her response has been much more hard-line, reports RT.

Angela Merkel called President Obama directly to demand “immediate and comprehensive clarification” about circulating allegations that the NSA spied on her personally. She also used it as an opportunity to demand that the USA and its NSA reveal the full extent of its spying practices in Germany after they refused to answer that request from Germany a few months ago. Merkel went on to elaborate that, if true, the new allegations are totally unacceptable and a breach of trust, especially since the nations are allies.

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Only time will tell if the NSA saga has any significant impacts on German-American relations.

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