Angry Birds 2 is Flapping Onto Mobile Devices July 30th

/ 2 years ago

Angry Birds 2

Rovio has confirmed the 12th entry in the Angry Birds franchise will be a direct sequel and doesn’t deviate from the classic puzzle formula. Angry Birds was a surprise hit and catapulted mobile gaming into the mainstream market. As of January 2014, the series has achieved over two billion downloads across a wide range of platforms including consoles, smartphones and PC. Additionally, Rovio couldn’t have envisioned the commercial success of such a simple idea. For example, the game spawned a range of merchandise, TV series, an animated film and theme parks.

Its sequel is set for release on the 30th July, but information is currently limited about the graphical improvements and gameplay revisions. Additionally, it will be interesting to see the adopted business model given Rovio’s economic downturn and how it competes in such a competitive area. Angry Birds was in the right place at the right time, and it’s still a very recognizable brand. However, it’s sensible to predict the sequel will struggle to match the predecessor given how many mobile games are available in 2015. Another issue is Rovio have completely milked the series to death and releasing 12 games based on the same theme will turn off customers pretty quickly. Overall, it’s not something I’d personally play due to the simplistic, repetitive gameplay which bored me within a few rounds.

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What do you think of Angry Birds and mobile gaming in general?


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