Anidées AI-6B Mid-Tower Chassis Review

/ 6 years ago

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With an ever growing market of computing products, it is great to see that not everyone is following the crowd with their designs and specifications. Anidées is one such manufacturer that are fresh onto the field and with the AI-6B as their flagship product, they are out to make a great first impression and claim their right to be a part of the market. Normally when a new manufacturer launches a product onto the market, their presence is understated and their products are sold only with the smaller retailers. is a widely known retailer and their reputation for selling only the best out there has taken them a long way. Anidées have been fortunate enough to have their product listed amongst the big names and for a new company in the current economic climate this is a fantastic and promising start for them.

The Anidées AI-6B has been launched with three variations; a base model that we have here, a ‘silent’ version that comes with sound proofing on the insides of the chassis, and a windowed version with a perspex cutout. Apart from this minor difference, the AI-6B comes with 3 optical drive bays, 7 hard drive bays of which come can be removed to allow for larger graphics cards to be installed, two fans, cable management, reversable front door and a Velcro strap for holding the PSU in place.

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