Anidées AI-6B Mid-Tower Chassis Review

/ 6 years ago

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Bringing a new product to the market is always a challenge let alone being a new manufacturer as well. There is this unsaid sense that you have a lot of expectations to meet otherwise you will fail to succeed and will end up not making up there with the big names.  Anidées have recognised this fact and rather than following the crowd to make themselves seen, they have taken a slightly different approach to the challenge. Instead of aiming the chassis at the extreme gamer, I feel that this type of case would be geared more towards the power user that use their high end PC not for gaming but for application work such as photo editing or video making for example.

There is a real sense of quality to this chassis much like you would find in a Lian-Li chassis, the solid build and simple design is a refreshment from the gamer orientated cases that we normally see through the doors.  Its not always the point that to make an impression on the market you have to be a loud and flamboyant product, sometimes back to basics design is what is needed along with a good feel of quality – even if the case does weigh a bit more than its competitors.  If Anidées can continue to build solid and reliable chassis in the future then they will earn the right to be up amongst the big names in the future.

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The feature of the removable drive bays is a great addition and one that is not often seen on other cases of this type, thus open up the doors to much higher level of compatibility. The other included options of the changeable orientation of the front door, built in fan power splitters and both USB 2.0 & 3.0 implementation and did we mention the solid build quality are great to see. have a reputation for only stocking items that are of great quality and value and to be the first to stock the new lineup from Anidées is a great start for the brand. Starting in at €109.90 (~£94) for the AI-6B base version of the case and the AI-6BW (windowed) and AI-6BS (sound proofed) variants each coming in at €119.90 (~£102), the price point has been set at a reasonable level for a case of this type.

If you’re looking for a sleek and stylish case that you’re not going to be hauling back and forth, then the Anidées AI-6B is one that you should consider.

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