Anki Overdrive: The ‘Scalextric’ of The Future

/ 3 years ago


Anki, the creators of the A.I. racing game Anki Drive, have announced their latest product, the Anki Overdrive – what very much appears to be the Scalextric, or for the non-Brits among us, the slot cars, of the future.

Anki introduced their slot-less cars during Apple’s WWDC in 2013. Until now, the track you see in that presentation had pretty much been the same, using A.I. cars that are programmed to race each other around it.

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Now though, with ‘Overdrive’, Anki really has captured the spirit of slot-cars, with most of the usual features, including bridges and of course, the dramatic crashes on the corners. There are some things though, like jumping, ‘respawning’ and ‘shooting’ opponents’ cars, that our old fashioned Scalextrics could never match.

Anki Overdrive won’t be available until September 2015, but for now, we have this video below.

Source: The Verge

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