Anonymous Starting OpUSA, Want To Send A Message To President Obama

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Anonymous hacktivists all over the world are making the preparations for a new operation. Dubbed #OpUSA this new campaign is against the American government and it will commence on May the 7th 2013. One of the Anonymous affiliated groups involved in #OpUSA, N4m3le55 Cr3w (Nameless Crew), published the following statement for the American president and government:

“Anonymous will make sure that this May 7th will be a day to remember. On that day Anonymous will start phase one of operation USA. America you have committed multiple war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and recently you have committed war crimes in your own country… You have killed hundreds of innocent children and families with drones, guns, and now bombs. America you have hit thousands of people where it hurts them, now it is our time for our Lulz. For this you shall pay…Obama you have seen the over three billion dollars’ worth of damage we have done to Israel in operation Israel. It hasn’t even been a few weeks and the Anonymous collective has gotten stronger since then. Therefore we will not tread lightly as you have not treaded lightly.”

In what are quite menacing and powerful words you can definitely trace lines of resentment towards the American government’s foreign and domestic policy. It is clear #OpUSA is an anti-government campaign and Anonymous are on the side of the civilians (both domestic and foreign) who they feel have been persecuted by the American government’s actions.

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The hackers have said they will be using doxes, DNS attacks, defacements, redirects, data leaks and DDoS attacks to achieve the goals of #OpUSA. They even provided links to various DDoS tools, hacking applications and resource forums for anyone looking to join the cause.

What are your thoughts on #OpUSA?


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