Antec Announces The P9 Window Chassis

/ 2 years ago


Antec has a long-standing pedigree when it comes to cases but they have struggled in recent years to compete with the likes of Corsair, Phanteks and other popular brands. For example, the premium Antec Signature S10 opted for a revolutionary three chamber design and aluminium construction. Sadly, the layout was flawed and hindered the cable management opportunities compared to other expensive cases. As you can see, it’s extremely challenging to innovate in the chassis market especially if you’re on the back foot. The company’s latest product is the P9 Windowed chassis which targets the £70 price point. Furthermore, the case is specifically designed to dampen system noise to create a near silent experience.8b

The P9 Windowed chassis utilises a neutral, modern design with various cable management holes and integrated velcro ties. There’s also modular HDD cases which can be repositioned to aid system airflow or create a tidier appearance. On another note, the chassis contains fan controllers with low, stop and high presets as well as mounts for water cooling hardware. More specifically, you can attach a reservoir and pump but I doubt this will be a common setup on a case costing less than £70. Upon first inspection, the P9 Windowed looks fairly solid considering the price point and I’m interested to see how good the build quality is. Of course, there’s a lot of competition from other companies and only time will tell if this ends up being a popular model.


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