Antec DP31 Micro-ATX Mini Tower Case Review

Complete System

The DP31 is a very nice case to work with. Despite being so compact, I got some serious hardware in there easily enough. Admittedly, I had to ditch my huge AORUS RTX card, as it was too long, but there’s still 300mm of space here, so a 1080 Ti Founders fit with ease. There’s good cable routing too, and for a build that only took me about ten minutes, it looks neat and tidy in here.

Plug it in, and the front panel RGB throws a good amount of light into the case. Of course, there are some other RGB lights on show here from my hardware.

The PSU shroud is great, it really does soak up all the excess cables easily enough. It’s a bit cramped under there, but who cares if you can’t see it!

CPU cooler clearance is superb, with the Noctua U12S fitting with ease. there are a few millimetres between it and the side panel glass, and it lines up nicely with the rear fan exhaust too, which will help with getting heat out of your system quickly.

Tight cable routing, good airflow despite only having one fan, and for a very affordable case, it’s really easy to work with and looks stunning.

There’s good clearance for the GPU, and wider cards will fit easily enough. Plus, the ventilation around the shroud should ensure that thicker cards and dual GPU configurations don’t get choked for air.

The side panel window completes the picture, and you can clearly see the hardware even in a well-lit room. Lucky the cable routing looks great then, or it would be painfully on display.

There’s an RGB button on the front panel, so if you need a change of colours, just give it a tap.

There’s lots of colours, fades, flashes, and patterns too, just keep tapping to cycle through them.

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