Antec Presents the Signature Series S10 Chassis

/ 2 years ago


Antec presented their newest chassis, and it is a large beauty. The Signature Series S10 is an extravagant premium tower and the first product of the all-new Signature series that is meant to take the computer housings market by storm.


The Signature S10 is made from high-class materials like brushed aluminium for the side panels and is built around a three-chamber setup for the best heat management.

“We engaged with Astro to help us create a living, functional piece of art,” says Antec General Manager Frank Lee. “The Signature Series is meant to be an inspiration for creation. Every computer can be a foundation to create the most insightful technologies and beautiful works of art, and we felt the series should embody that spirit.”

Antec chose a three-chamber design to not only provide you with the best heat management, but also cool your components with a minimum of noise.

There are exclusive compartments for your drives, the power supply and the mainboard to prevent the single components from heating up each other.


Dust has to be kept out, so Antec also equipped each compartment with fine-meshed and washable air filters.


The Signature S10 is a large chassis and also has room for a lot of cooling. You can mount a total of seven fans in the chassis: two 140mm and four 120mm fans in the motherboard compartment and one 120mm in the drive cage. Additionally you can install a 120mm fan to help aid the PSU.


Fans are easily mounted thanks to the removable mounting brackets and liquid cooling isn’t a problem either with support for 120mm, 280mm and 360mm radiators.

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Top gaming and workstation builds aren’t a problem with easy support for up to four graphics cards in SLI-mode. There is plenty of cooling to handle it and enough space to accommodate it with the 10 expansion slots.


There is no shortage of drive slots either. You can mount up to eight 2.5-inch SSDs und six 3.5-inch HDDs in the Signature S10. Motherboards support is just as wide as the chassis is high, letting you chose between SSI CEB, E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ATX boards.


The I/O panel at the top of the housing is equipped with four USB 3.0 ports to guarantee highest transmission rates to and from external devices. A shortened 5.25” chamber is available to additionally install controls for the ventilating fans, a card reader or other devices.



Setup is an easy thing here. The oversized CPU opening is 219mm x 149mm and it grants easy access for installing additional high-class heat sinks. The chambers for the drives have all been treated with silicon to neutralise vibrations and the installation of a hard disk is a matter of minutes and does not need any tools at all.


Availability is set for July 2015 and the MSRP is set to £399.99 incl. VAT. That’s not cheap, but you also get one of the greatest looking chassis with a ton of clever features and plenty of room for even the most advanced systems.






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2 Responses to “Antec Presents the Signature Series S10 Chassis”
  1. mr2k9 says:

    Really like this case. Too bad its probably gonna cost a bomb here in Malaysia…

  2. tomekkk1 says:

    Few days ago in this news shot: Peter Donnell asked what it is. Was only one shot, my shot – 100% spot on 🙂

    About this case – looks just astonishing. Logical setup of components, together with modern style and space, space, space. Unfortunately many of people have to sold their valuables to have chance of being the owners 😀 About the huge price I’ve also mentioned in previous article… Isn’t it?

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